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B.Tech - Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Computer Science is one of the most leading professional careers in today's society. It involves the design, support and operation of computer software / hardware systems. SRMGPC's Computer Science program provides a balanced blend of software and hardware learning experiences, founded on solid mathematics and science with a definite engineering flavor, and hands on experience with the latest equipments in our laboratories. SRMGPC's Computer Science Program fits the interests and ambitions of every student, not to mention about the employment opportunities with the best in the sector.
The Department of Computer Science offers four years undergraduate B.Tech. course. The course is accredited by National Board of Accreditation. To built a strong theoretical and practical foundation of Computer Science, students are provided deep knowledge in a multitude of specialties mainly in Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Computing, Data Warehousing & Data Mining, Computer Graphics, Compiler design, Computer Architecture, Numerical Techniques. To strengthen their logical ability the Data Structures & Design and Analysis of Algorithm are also taught in details. Apart from theoretical concepts student are also given extensive practical exposure in all the subjects.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission for 85% of the total seats will be done by A.K. Technical University through entrance Examination. (UPSEE - 2019).

Rest 15% seats will be filled by the management of the college on the basis of merit and criteria decided by A.K. Technical University Lucknow.

Qualified candidates, who have clearly passed intermediate examination of U.P. Board or 10 + 2 level examination or its equivalent from any recognized Board / University and securing minimum 50% marks (45% marks for SC/ST Category candidates ) without grace marks.

Placed Students of B.Tech - Computer Science (CS)
Shreya Pandey
Ramsha Kamal
Shobhit Mehrotra
Ananya Jain

Shreya Pandey - ROBERT BOSCH

Ramsha Kamal - ROBERT BOSCH

Shobhit Mehrotra - ROBERT BOSCH

Ananya Jain - ROBERT BOSCH

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

HOD : Dr. Atul Kumar Verma
Designation : Prof. & HOD
Mobile No : 9936046656, 8317027051
Email Id :,


  1. "A Comparartive analysis of SARCASM Detection" published in International Journal of recent engineering research and development.Vol.04,Issue 08,August 2019. [Mr. Atul Kumar]
  2. Describing Image using Neural Network in the international conference on Innovative Computing and Communication (ICICC-2019), held on March 21-22, 2019 at VSB-Technical University of Ostarva,Czech Republic, Europe.
  3. Bench Automation Computer using Rasberry Pi in the proceedings of third international conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent System(ICTIS 2018),April 6-7,2018 Ahmedabad India Volume-107 Print ISBN 978-981-13-1746-0, Series ISSN 2190-3018, Publisher Springer Singapore.
  4. RFID Based Challan System, in International Conferences on advances in Computer Science and Applications (CSA-2018),June15-16,2018. at Cochin, Trivandrum ISBN:978-81-936117-5-3.
  5. Signature Verification Using CNN with Information Retrieval, in International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology (IJSRCSEIT), Volume 3, Issue 7, September –October 2018.
  6. Content Based Image Retrieval using K-Means Algorithm, in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 13, Number 7 (2018) pp. 5562-5564 © Research India Publications


  1. Attended a Faculty Development Programme on “HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUITING”, at IIT Kanpur, from 28Sep-02Oct 2019.
  2. Attended one weak faculty development programme on Big Data Computing conducted by NPTEL in Feb-April 2019.
  3. Completed the online certification course “ Cryptography and Network Security” conducted by E & ICT Academy,IIT Kanpur

Name of Person : Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Designation : Assistant Professor


  1. PhD thesis awarded on topic “An algorithm for 4G mobile network using vertical handoff approach” of Shashank Singh under supervision of Pankaj Kumar from Monad University, Hapud.
  2. Senior Member, IEEE.
  3. Lead Guest Editor, International Journal on Data Science and Technology Special Issue 2019: Computational Linguistic. Science Publication USA.
  4. Member Editorial Board, American Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 2019.
  5. Reviewer, International Journal of Information Technology 2018 Springer Journals.
  6. Reviewer, WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery by Welly publisher 2019.
  7. Reviewer, IEEE Access : Multidisplinary, rapid review, open source journal 2019.
  8. Reviewer, Journal of Intelligent Systems by SCImago 2019 Scpous.
  9. Member Technical Program /Review Committee, 8th International Conference on System Modeling & Advancement in Research Trends SMART 2019. IEEE Conference ID: 46866
  10. Member Technical Program Committee, International Conference on Intelligent System and Smart Computing 2020.
  11. Member Technical Program Committee, International Conference on Materials and Energy (ICME 2019) Warangal Telengana India.
  12. Member Review Committee International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods ICPRAM 2019 Czech Republic.
  13. Special Session Chair (Technical Program Committee), 13th INDIACom; INDIACom-2019, 06th International Conference on “Computing for Sustainable Global Development”, 13th – 15th March, 2019. IEEE Conference ID: 46181
  14. Member Program Committee, Digital India Alternative Landscape (DIAL) 2018, Computer Society of India.
  15. Online Certification Course on “Computer Architecture”, Electronic & ICT Academy IIT Kanpur.
  16. Online Certification Course on “Machine Learning Through Python”, Electronic & ICT Academy IIT Kanpur.
  17. Faculty Development Program, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” 18-19 Jan 2019, AKTU Lucknow.
  18. Workshop, “Data Analytics” 17 June 2019, AKTU Lucknow.

Certification completed by faculty in CSE department :

  1. Mr Ashish Kumar & Dr. Pankaj Kumar have attended a Faculty Development Programme on “HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUITING”, at IIT Kanpur, from 28Sep-02Oct 2019.

  2. Mr Dishant Agrawal, Mr. Alok Misra, Mr. Krishna Giri & Dr. R.G. Tiwari have attended a Faculty Development Programme on “DATA ANALYTICS WITH PYTHON”, at IIT Kanpur, from 7-11 Sep 2019.

Papers published by faculty in CSE department(2018-19) :

  1. Raj Gaurang Tiwari et. al., “Effectual Recommendations Using Concealed Feature Method”, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, Vol. 7, No 4.39, Special Issue 39, 2018(Scopus).
  2. Pankaj Kumar “Data analysis in software effort estimation using improved delphi method”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology Vol.97. No 3 February 2019. Scopus
  3. Abhishek, Rohit Mishra and Pankaj Kumar “Emotion based facial recognition for vigilance purpose” RESEARCH DIRECTIONS: An International Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Refereed Open Access Research Journal special issue 2019. UGC approved
  4. Rishabh Dixit & Pankaj Kumar, “Strategy for The Development of Information Security Policy Document: A Systematic Literature Review”, IOSR Journal of Engineering (IOSR JEN) Special issue NSCWDSIS Volume 1 2019 PP 21-28.
  5. Prakahr Sahu & Pankaj Kumar, “Challenges and Issues in Securing Data Privacy in IoT and Connected Devices”, 13th INDIACom; INDIACom-2019, 06th International Conference on “Computing for Sustainable Global Development”, 13th – 15th March, 2019. IEEE Conference ID: 46181
  6. Namarta Rastogi & Pankaj Kumar, “Ontological Design of Information Retrieval model for Real State Documents” 2nd International Conference on "Emerging Trends in Computer Engineering: Microservices in Big Data Analytics 2018. Springer Conference ID:1865-0929
  7. Sana Jafar & Pankaj Kumar, “Reviewing the Current Concurrency Control Techniques in Multi and Many core systems”, 5th International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global development- INDIACom-2018. IEEE Explore

Student Achievements in CSE department (2018-19) :

  1. Utkarsh Kumar, student of CSE 3rd year has been selected for Dr. Kalam Innovation Gallery organized by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University in the top 15 projects.
  2. Ratnesh Kumar, Student of CSE 3rd year has presented a paper titled Describing Image using Neural Network in the international conference on Innovative computing and communication (ICICC-2019) held on march 21-22 at VSB- Technical University of Ostrava,CzechRepublic ,Europe.
  3. Praveen Kumar Singh, Student of CSE third year had participated in the event HACKIN-CITY held at INFOTSAV’19,ABV-IIITM Gwalior and secured First Poisition.31 students participated in a workshop WAC 2018,at IIT kanpur from 29-30 september, 2018.
  4. Aditya Kumar Singh,Aniket Singh and Adwait Prakash Mishra students of CSE second year had participated in a workshop on Machine Learning and AI at IIT Delhi from 13-16 October, 2018 organised by ROBOTech Labs.
  5. Abhishek Singh student of CSE second year had participated in a workshop on JAVA at IIT Delhi from 13-16 October, 2018 organised by ROBOTech Labs.
  6. Khushboo Arora,Student of CSE final year has participated in AKTU Zonal level fest,2018-19 and secured Ist position with gold medal in Basket-Ball at SRInstitute of management and Technology,Lucknow.
  7. Shubhanjli Srivastava and Ayushman Awasthi Student of CSE third year has participated in All India Research Championship 2018-19,Machine Learning Zonal Workshop Conducted by Techienest Pvt ltd. In association with Aavriti 19 IIT Bombay at IIIT Allahabad.
  8. Saumya Pandey Student of CSE third year has participated in Artificial Intelligence workshop conducted by Technophilia Solutions on 27-28 Oct 2018 at IIT-BHU.
  9. Deepti Tiwari Student of CSE second year has participated in Gitterbug organised during Antragini,the Annual Cultural Fest of IIT Kanpur held from 25-28 October 2018.
  10. Riya Saxena student of CSE final year has been selected by Adobe Systems with 25.0 LPA CTC.
  11. Animesh Jha student of CSE final year has been selected in Indian Air force at 15.0 LPA CTC.

List of Faculty Members:

S.No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Alok Misra Asst. Prof.
2 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Asst. Prof.
3 Dr. R. G. Tiwari Asst. Prof.
4 Mr. Manvendra Singh Asst. Prof.
5 Mr. Ashish Kumar Asst. Prof.
6 Mr. Umesh P. Singh Asst. Prof.
7 Mr. Krishna Giri Asst. Prof.
8 Mr. Jayant Mishra Asst. Prof.
9 Mr. Saurabh Kumar jain Asst. Prof.
10 Mr. Sandeep Dubey Asst. Prof.
11 Mr. Ajit Shukla Asst. Prof.
12 Ms.Sonika Gupta Asst. Prof.
13 Mr. Dishant Agarwal Asst. Prof.
14 Mr. Devendra Kumar Asst. Prof.
15 Mr. Avadh Kishore Singh Lecturer

Lab Instructors:

S.No. Name
1 Ms. Nishi Verma
2 Mr. Hemant Pandey
3 Mr. Ravi Sankar Pandey
4 Mr. Naveen Kumar

Lab Technicians:

S.No. Name
1 Mr. Rakesh Kumar
2 Mr. Harish Chandra
3 Mr. Anant Kr. Shaini

Office Executives:

S.No. Name
1 Ms. Ranjnee Verma

Seminar and workshops held between July 2018 – Jun 2019 :

Topic Speaker/Trainer Type of Activity Year Date of Conduction
Principles Of Web Programming Ms. Sawsti Agrawal, Director Precursor Info. Solution, Lucknow. Seminar 3yr 10th Oct 19
Application Of Python Programming In IT Sector Mr. Jaid Bin Kamil, Digipodium, Lucknow Seminar 2nd 30th Sep 19
Network & Ethical Hacking Mr. Shantu Purkait Netcamp Lucknow Guest Lecture 3yr 4/8/2019
Machine Learning & IOT Mr. Jaid Bin Kamil Digipodium Lucknow Workshop 2yr 4/1/2019
Web Development Ms. Swasti Agarwal Precursor Info Solution Lucknow Workshop 3yr 3/30/2019
Component Structural Programming Ms. Swasti Agarwal Precursor Info Solution Lucknow Workshop 2yr 3/29/2019
Big Data Analysis Mr. Mirza Ghazanafar Baig Infoseek Tech Lucknow Workshop 3Yr 3/14/2019
Machine Learning using Latest Tools Mr. Rajpal Singh Cetpa Infotech Lucknow Workshop 3yr 3/12/2019
IOT and Data Anaylsis Mr. Jaid Bin Kamil Digipodium Lucknow Seminar 3yr 3/7/2019
Python Language 2019 onwards Mr. Amit Singh Cetpa Infotech Lucknow Workshop 2Yr 2/16/2019
Machine Learning using Augumented Reality Mr. Basil Singh & Abhishek Pandit IIT-Kanpur Seminar 2yr 1/30/2019
Machine Learning Mr. Amit Singh Cetpa Infotech Lucknow Seminar 3Yr 9/28/2018
Application of Discrete & logic Theory in Computer Application Dr. Y.N. Singh I.E.T. Lucknow Guest Lecture 3yr 9/27/2018
Web Development Life Cycle Ms. Swasti Agarwal Precursor Info Solution Lucknow Seminar 3yr 9/26/2018
Web Development using Word Press Mr. Prabhat Mishra Techex Engineers Lucknow Workshop 3Yr 9/17/2018
Mobile Application Development in Android Mr. Asit Pathak Digipodium Lucknow Workshop 4Yr 9/4/2018
Mobile Data Offloading Mr. Abhijit Sharma Asst. Prof. - NIT Durgapur Guest Lecture 3Yr 8/30/2018
PC Troubleshoot and Computer Hardware Awareness Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology Workshop 2yr 8/25/2018

Best Project Award Activity :

2. Internship Activity (As per course curriculum) :

a. Machine Learning using python
b. Internet of Things

PC Troubleshoot & Computer Hardware Awareness

Workshop organized on 31st Aug 19 for B.Tech. (CSE) 2nd year students

3. Students of CSE department ,team name MANIACS (members Swarnima Shukla and Suyash Gautam) won the internshala dream big championship and got the cash prize of 1 lakh rupees.

Industrial visit at TCS Lucknow for CSE 2nd year students.

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