S.NO Date Name & Address Comments
1 Visitors 22.11.2021 Prof. O.P. Singh, Dean Student Welfare , AKTU, Lucknow. Great moment to visit the Institution. Well planned organization of Dr. Abdul Kalam Fest-November 2021 (22-23 Nov. 21)
2 Visitors 28.11.2021 Shri Jata Shankar Mishra, Olympian Asian Games Medalist It was an immense pleasure & honour to visit your esteemed institution.
3 Visitors 05.10.2021 Prof. Kuldeep Sahay, IET, Lucknow Excellent Environment in Institution.
4 Visitors 16.10.2021 Nitish Gupta, HeidelbergCement India Ltd. Very enthusiastic management and conducive environment for learning and growing.
5 Visitors 20.11.2021 Dr. S. Chatterjee, Ex-Professor & Head, Electrical Engg. Deptt. NITTTR, Chandigarh The Institute Environment is excellent, very academic. The faculty and non teaching staff are very much motivated. The students take keen interest to learn noval things & technology.
6 Visitors 26.11.2021 Kriti Gupta, CEO Tex Technology Exchange The college has built an multi facility entrepreneurship cell that I think will help the students a lot.
7 Visitors 26.11.2021 Abhinav Pandey Vice President iB Hubs It was a pleasure to be a part of the starting conclave. The enjoy of the students, the desire to ask questions, the curiosity to learn shows that the culture at the college is already very entrepreneurial.
8 Visitors 26.11.2021 Arindam Aggarwal Managing Director AZ Cricket I feel the college provided a lovely platform to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs. I would love to help contributing to the starting ecosystem and young students looking to succeed.
9 Visitors 01.12.2021 Bidur Dhungo L Executive Director Nepal Very inspired by the Faculty & hospitality of this college.
10 Visitors 8.12.2021 Robin Tyagi, IBM-Subject Matter Expert Environment of college is best for giving best education to students.
11 Visitors 8.12.2021 Aman Bakshi IBM-Subject Matter Expert Students are good & energetic. Ready to learn more.
12 Visitors 16.01.2022 Dr. Satish Kr. Singh, Associate Professor, Chairman, IEEE UP Institute is wonderful and very prepared. Please keep it up.
13 Prof. S.N. Singh, Professor, Electrical Engineering Deptt., IIT, Kanpur Excellent College
14 Dr. Vinit Kumar Professor Department of Library & Information Sciences, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow. In Institute Events arrangements are very good
15 Dr. Minakshi Memoria, HOD-CSE, Uttaranchal University SRMCEM organizes events very well e.g. IEEE- AGM & Excom. I appreciate all the arrangements made by them.
16 Dr. Arun Kumar Singh Dean (PGSR), REC, Kannauj The AGM is organized in hybrid mode at SRMCEM. The role of SRMCEM as host institute is appreciable at the time of Covid-19
17 Dr. Kamlesh Kr. Singh, Asstt. Professor ECE, ASET, Amity University, Lucknow Good experience of AGM meeting at SRMCEM, Lucknow. Good host and very supportive members.
18 Prof. Y.S. Chauhan, Professor IIT, Kanpur Thank you for hosting IEEE Excom and AGM meetings in January 2022. Thank you for your hospitality.
19 Dr. Kunwar Singh Vaizla, Professor & Head-CSE, BT Kumaon Institute of Technology, Almora Wonderful campus, Thanking you for wonderful hosting.
20 Prof. Abheejeet Mohapatra, Asstt. Professor, IIT Kanpur. Wonderful and hospitable campus. Special thanks for organizing the IEEE UP Section 10th Excom and AGM on January 16, 2022.
21 Dr. Seema Awasthi, Sr. Research Scientist, IIT, Kanpur. Thanks to SRMCEM for conducting AGM duly this pandemic time with a such a warm welcome. All the arrangements are so perfect. I am overwhelmed.
22 Prof. Krishan Chandra Mishra, Joint Secretary, IEEE UP Section/ Asstt. Prof. in WIT, Dehradun. Nice Campus & Management
23 Prof. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastav, Professor, IIT, Kanpur IEEE Excom Meeting and IEEE AGM UP Section are well organized even by SRMCEM, Lucknow. The college hospitality and other arrangement are good. It deserve for some big IEEE activity like Conference etc.
24 Dr. Akhilesh Tiwari, Associate Professor, IIIT, Allahabad The arrangement of hospitality by this institute is really overwhelming. You have taken care of each & everything very minutely. So, good luck to the Institute and their volunteers including the Director, Prof. Bhavesh, who is the gem of all.
25 26.01.2022 Shri G.M. Viswanathan, Air Vice-Marshal (Retd) It was a pleasure and privilege to hoist the Indian Flat on the occasion of Republic Day, 2022. The programme to celebrate the Republic Day was as any Indian would want. The approach as mentioned by concerned persons of the Institute is encouraging and absolutely right in present day conditions in our Country. The entire set up is excellent and has positive energy. Wishing the very best in your endavours.
26 11.02.2022 Prof. Pankaj Chandna Professor-Mechanical Engg. Department, NIT Kurukshetra Extreme Pleasure to record that SRMCEM has been imparting quality Engineering Education and developing the students in the holistic manner. Very successful Alumni are the testimony for the same. I wish the Institute a bright future.
27 11.02.2022 Professor Gian Bhushan Mechani.cal Engg. Department, NIT Kurukshetra It was a pleasant experience while interacting with faculty, staff and students of SRMCEM. Motivated, hardworking, sincere faculty and active students and testimony of good academic environment of the Institute. I am sure that Institute has bright future ahead.
28 03.03.2022 Prof. Gyanprakash D. Maurya Centre for Advanced Studies, AKTU I thanks to all the officials for warm welcome. I learned many things from Director & Dean of the Institute. My best wishes to the bright future of the institute.
29 11.03.22 Dr. Sushil Kumar, Neuro Medicine It was wonderful to visit your College. The campus is wonderful. It was overall a successful health camp organization.
30 11.03.22 Dr. Alisha, Ovaries & Gynecology I, really appreciate the initiative taken by the Management of the College for improvement of health. It was wonderful to have a peep in the life & life style of young mind. I wish you people all the best to further keep on taking such good works.
31 19.03.22 Prof. (Dr.) Jai Ramkumar Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT, Kanpur I feel happy to be associated with the growth of this Institute. I wish the administration, faculty community students and staff best wishe
32 23.03.22 Mr. Rohit Nanda, International Business Management. Interaction with very perennial faculty & management of SRMCEM. Intellectual discussions enhanced the knowledge.
33 26.03.22 Dr. Rishi Asthana, Director-GITM Very nice and influential Mentorship Session with Director SRMCEM, Dr. Bhavesh Kr. Chauhan. He guided us and monitored about points of NBA.
34 28.03.22 Shri Ranjan Kumar, Divisional Commissioner, Lucknow ge ,sls tgkWa esa i/kkjs gSa ftlds rkus ckus gekjs IIIT ds Batchmates iadt vxzoky rFkk iwtk vxzoky ds }kjk fd;k x;k gSA cgqr vPNk yxk fd cPps Mr. Mayaram
35 30.03.22 Gaurav Srivastav, Consultant World Bank I really like the students’ participation and support of faculty members of College. I provide my services to college as and when it is required.
36 08.04.22 Mr. Mayaram Varma, Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police, Women Crime, Lucknow Commissionarate. Outstanding Institute
37 10.05.22 Mr. Saurabh Lal, Founder-Content Culture. Found the Session with students very engaging. I wish all the best to the institute on their good work.
38 14.05.22 CA Sandeep Das, CAMS Shri Ramswaroop Institute is known to me for long time now and I have always been impressed with the initiatives taken by the Institute to impart training in different fields and the focus on overall development and growth of students over here.
39 18.05.22 Shri Ashubodh Kumar Pant, Indian Forest Services (IFS-Retired) laLFkku }kjk fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds pgWaeq[kh fodkl ,oa izkd`frd tSo fofo/krk dh tkudkjh nsus gsrq ljkguh; iz;kl gSA laLFkku dk gjk&Hkjk okrkoj.k ekufld “kkfUr iznku djrk gSA laLFkku ds inkf/kdkjh] f”k{kd o fo|kFkhZ c/kkbZ ds ik= gSaA eSa vk”kk djrk gwWa fd fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks izd`fr ls tksM+us gsrq laLFkku }kjk blh izdkj ds iz;kl fd, tkrs jgsaxsA
40 19.05.22 Shri Sushant, Director, Nestle Professional, Nestle India Ltd. Best wishes and blessings to all my students, friends for success in all walks of life.
41 20.05.22 Shri Prabhakar Bura, Indian Forest Services (IFS), Secretary, UP State Biodiversity Board, Lucknow. The interest shown by the institute shows the respect to environment and biodiversity is commendable. Thank you for giving me opportunity to address the students on “Biodiversity Conservation”
42 11.06.22 Prof. Santosh Kumar Tripathi, Professor, Rajkiya Engg. College, Kannauj, U.P. Very well organized College, facility provided by management/Director to the faculty & staff is excellent. Director, Prof. B.K. Chauhan sir is one best mentor, definitely he always motivate the faculty & staff for Research/Academic promotion. SRMCEM is one of the brand in Lucknow for Engg. & Management courses. This is all because of highly learned management. I wish all the best.
43 16.06.22 Prof. A.K. Shukla, IET, Lucknow Well behaved and mannered Director of the College. Met personally. College well clean, faculty has submissive, students also doing good projects useful for society. I have been associated with the college in past also since then many changes. Hospitality is good.
44 16.06.22 Dr. Manish Madhawa Tripathi, Associate Professor, Integral University, Lucknow Faculties and top officials are very cooperative and energetic. That is why I felt that students are doing well and learning is a very healthy atmosphere.
45 21.06.22 Priyanka Singh, Yoga Guru/Expert Excellent College, Excellent Management. Everything was very well managed in the event “International Yoga Day’ 22.” I express my greetings to Respected Director Sir, Prof. Bhavesh Kumar Chauhan for the overall positive & healthy environment being maintained in the college.
46 21.06.22 Ayush Srivastava, Software Engineer, Cognizant. Being a student of SRMCEM over the four years it has become lika a family to me and I feel blessed to have my college as a platform for Yoga. Our5 college promoting yoga is a boost to every sector of our college which could be seen well in future. I express my gratitude to my College, Director sir and every faculty members and staff.
47 22.06.22 Divyanshu Shukla, Research Associate, TERI College of Ramswaroop is making significant effort to raise & educate their children appreciable.
48 22.06.22 Subrat Sahu, Examiner of Patents & Design, IPO, Delhi, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GOI. This institute is presenting the intellective quest of this area, I am quite happy to learn that the intellective juggernaut of this institute has already taken path to join its force with Bharat (“The Great India”). I am sure with the enthusiasm & spirit of the people of this Institute, surely make the entire system to be proud. “Joy Hind”
49 24.06.22 Manoj Kumar Gupta, Sr. Reporter, Dainik Aaj Good organization of Lucknow and better Campus for Engineering students.
50 29.06.22 Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Head-GCBCRI Excellent culture in whole Institute. Very systemic & supportive. All the best.
51 29.06.22 Prof. N.K. Srivastava, Ex- Senior Deputy Director General, Department of Tele Communication, Ministry of Communication, Government of India, New Delhi. I was very much delighted to learn National Best Project Awards. All learned faculties deserve the credit for such achievements. They have brought this institution to new heights and giving their students these opportunities to learn and grow. I wish all the best to this premier Institute of the country.
52 04.07.2022 Dr. Puneet Mishra, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Lucknow Today, I visited the Institute to interact with students. A very nice interaction took place. As I have been a constant visitor and affiliated with institution from past long. I have seen the institute growing ahead in past 20 years with a perfect blend of academic excellence and modern infrastructure. I wish success to the institution, faculty members, academic administrations and students with core of my heart.
53 07.07.2022 Mr. Hari Om Srivastava, Senior Specialist-HCL I joined Shri Ramswaroop College in the year 2013 as a BCA student. It has always been a pround moment for me as a Ramswaroopian and I give all of my career gratitude to my college.
54 18.07.22 Mr. Sanjeev DuttAutomation Consultant,AAGAM Digisys Pvt. Ltd. Great approach to creating structured innovative minds.
55 10.08.22 Dr. Varun Kumar Kakkar, Assistant Professor-BTKIT Dwarahat,Chair IEEE Young Professionals The Interaction with the faculty & staff of the Institute was very encouraging and good one. Also the hospitality was very commendable. I wish good luck to the Institute.
56 16.08.22 Dr. Puneet Chandra Srivastava Dean (EII), Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad I found whole environment very positive in SRMCEM. My purpose of visit was to interact with faculties involved in Institutional Innovation Council. I am very much satisfied with IIC activities. Every faculty is determine to prove themselves in related field.
57 16.08.22 Mr. Vaibhav Sharma Coordinator (EII), RKGIT, Ghaziabad Really I am very happy to write my overall feelings about the College administration & whole IIC community for their kindness & arrangement. I wish all the best luck to future.
58 16.08.22 Mr. Abhijeet Kumar Sinha Technical Lead at CITI Feeling nostalgic after meeting with teachers and Director sir after a long time. Willing to meet the students in person again.
59 03.09.22 Mr. Abhishek Saxena Regional Manager – UP & Rajasthan, TCS Excellent Institute & faculty with immense future growth potential.
60 03.09.22 Mr. Rajendra Kalra Great Institute and very hard working and learned faculty.
61 03.09.22 Mr. Shubham Khare Principal Consultant DB Architect Oracle Global Services Centre India It was really great pleasure to meet our loving Gurus.
62 24.09.22 Dr. R.K. Singh Ex. Director- Shakuntala University, Lucknow Academic environment of the Institute is excellent. I wish a great success of the Institute.
63 24.09.22 Aishwarya Srivastava Senior System Engineer-Cognizant The college has improved in terms of both ambience and curriculum. As a alumni its good to see such a progress.
64 24.09.22 Vanshika Saraswat Executive- Campus Recruiter (North & West) -Wipro Technologies Great place for students to study & it was an honour to interact with such a fresh & young talent.
65 26.09.22 Sushma Rawat Founder-Power Wing Foundation College management is very cooperative and active in social and academic activities. Aware for moral duties. Excellent experience with College.
66 26.09.22 Usha Viswakarma Member-Red Brigade, Lucknow Excellent environment for all over personality development.
67 01.10.22 Ishita Singh Country Advisor- Technological University of the Shannon-Ireland. I had a wonderful experience at your institution. We would be happy to recruit students from your prestigious institution at our year 4 (Add on-Bachelors) or Masters programmes.
68 01.10.22 Vikas Bansal Advisor-Asia World Education I am thoroughly impressed with the College and faculty. Especially the Director-Dr. Bhavesh Kumar Chauhan gave an inspiring talk. We hope we can bring more high quality Irish institutions to the campus and give the students a transformative career choice.
68 07.10.22 Mr. Nitesh Pandey Product Manager Walmart It was really a great experience interacting with young & energetic students. Moreover, thanks to the faculty for arranging this. Looking forward to join again.
69 12.10.22 Mr. V.P. Singh IAS (Retd.), Civil Government I am impressed with the response of the management, faculty and students of this college, how they are committed to build the personalities of the young students who are the future of India. The welcome and respect, they offered is really amazing.
70 14.10.22 Dr. S.K. Agrawal Director Bansal Institute of Engg. & Technology, Lucknow Today, I along with our team of faculty members visited the Institute & interacted with Prof. (Dr.) Bhavesh Kumar Chauhan regarding NBA Accreditation. He explained every question in very details & we are very much satisfied with the interactions.
71 15.10.22 A.K. Trivedi CEO-Om Investment Nice Meeting. Progressive Institute.
72 Mrs. Manisha Singh Addl. SP / ADCP (South), UPP It was a wonderful experience delivering a lecture on “Women Safety” in front of B.Tech 1st year students and teachers. The listeners were very patient and I hope they must have learnt new things related to women safety. I wish all the best to students !!
73 18.10.22 Mr. Aftab Alam Associate Vice President/ Content Director Radio Mirchi Institute is growing. It is a good experience to interact with student and faculty. I wish all a great success in future endeavors.
74 21.10.22 Dr. Puneet Mishra Asstt. ProfessorLucknow University Institute is growing. It is a good experience to interact with student and faculty. I wish all a great success in future endeavors.
75 21.10.22 Er. Prem Chandra Retd.S.E., UPPWD/Heartfulness Trainer, Heartfulness Institute Lucknow I appreciate the gesture and hospitality of Director Prof. Bhavesh Kumar Chauhan sir and Prof. B.K. Verma ji. It was a well organized programme which I enjoyed a lost and I would like to offer my services to students as well as to faculty and staff.
76 01.11.22 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Srivastav, Ex-Dy. Director, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow It was a great experience to visit this institution today as I found faculty is very dynamic & vibrant and students too are very curious to learn. My best wishes to the students of this college to excel in life and make India proud with their excellence & achievement.
77 02.11.22 Mr. B.B. Lal Ex-GM (BSNL) I am highly delighted to be present in todays Annual Day function of IETE, Lucknow Chapter in this reputed Engineering College. My very good wishes for achieving higher & higher goals set for the institution.
78 02.11.22 Prof. Vinod Kumar Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner I am attached with this college since 2000 with Er. Pankaj Agarwal and Er. Pooja Agarwal.All the best for the bright future.
79 26.11.22 Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh, DFO, Gujrat Forest Department It is my pleasure that today I am here at the College which has provided me the opportunity and platform for the achievement in my career. Best wishes to college for future and all the students of the SRMCEM family.
80 28.11.22 Prof. Avdhesh Kumar Dean, CDC, HOD, Deptt. of Commerce, Lucknow University I am associated from this College from long back. In my opinion College is developing as a novel learning centre in U.P. and producing high-tech Managers as well as technocrats also. I proudly say this credit will go to the management and associated teachers and management.
81 29.11.22 Mr. Prateek Bharadwaj Radio Jockey Radio Mirchi My second Home, kind a feeling as always. All the very best to the institution.
82 07.12.22 Mr. Venugopal K. Retail Head V-Bazaar Very active and energetic students ready to take on their careers. Wish all students best luck.
83 24.12.2022 Meraj AnsariAssistant Professor Integral University,Lucknow This institute guided me to do best and valuable.
84 30.12.2022 Kumari Sweta State Lead, Air Pollution Action Group (APAG), First impression the clean and green campus. Visionary faculty. Genius and disciplined students.
85 07.01.2023 Prof. Vishal Singh Chandel Prof. & Head, Applied Science & Humanities Deptt., REC, Ambedkar Nagar. Department of Applied Science is working to inculcate, valued ethics, moral values etc. other than uplifting academics of students. It is at par with leading Institutions.
86 30.01.2023 Mr. Himanshu Kumar Genl. Manager-HR Tata Consultancy Services, Lucknow It was a pleasure interacting with the students. Lot of questions/answers highly interactive.Wish them all the best.
87 06.02.2023 Dr. R.K. Singh Associate Professor IIT (BHU) Varanasi It was a great experience to interact with faculty and students of SRMCEM. I loved the vibrations & passions of students for Academics. “Let’s believe in ourselves, be our true selves & make the society a better & happy place to live.
88 07.02.2023 Mrs. Sapna Upadhyay Founder Director- Eeshwar Child Welfare Foundation, Medical College, Lucknow.
89 15.02.2023 Ms. Madhulita Mohapatra, Odisi Dancer, Kalahandi, Odisa It was a wonderful experience for me here at SRMCEM College Lucknow. I could share my beautiful art forum Odisi with the students. Students are very disciplined, affectionate & receptive. Felt very happy to perform before them. All the staff, teachers very nicely took care of me. Thanks to SRMCEM. My heartiest thanks to the Hon’ble Director of SRMCEM College to give this wonderful opportunity.
90 20.02.2023 Er. M. Ahmad Founder & CTO of Electronics Solution LLP Very impressive coordination during whole workshop. Excellent interest shown by students.
91 22.02.2023 Mr. Abhishek Nandan Project Officer EDII, Ahmedabad Excellent Institution and very proactive Director Sir, they are always supporting Innovative and new ideas to grow. The support for startups and budding entrepreneurs are highly appreciable.
92 25.02.2023 Prof. Sudhir Misra Professor,Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Kanpur, Excellent Institution and Infrastructure. It was a pleasure interacting with students and faculty.
93 14.03.2023 Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Regional Head-HR, Yes Bank, Lucknow, U.P. Excellent set up & large infrastructure with knowledgeable staff. Student quality is also very good. Wishing the College all the best & except the relationship to grow multi filed.
94 15.03.2023 Ms. Ishwari Girdhar Campus Management Manager, Piramal Finance, Lucknow U.P. Wonderful experiences, students have great learning talent, so far so good feedback for all the team staff. Would love to interact more and will be happy to connect and conduct such successful campus drives in near future. All the best.
95 20.03.2023 Ms. Garima Pandey GM-HR Anand Motor Agencies Ltd., Lucknow Good experience meeting placement Cell. They are quick & responsive. All the best.
96 24.03.2023 Mr. Harish Kumar Superintendent Narcotics Control Bureau, Zonal Unit, Lucknow The entire team of NCB & Decathlon appreciates and thanks efforts of SRMCEM in field of motivating students and allowing us to organize today’s ‘Anti-Drug Seminar. We congratulate all team of SRMCEM & the students for the worthy achievements they have made.Jai Hind.
97 28.03.2023 Dr. Himanshu Mishra Assistant Professor, MBA Department, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow The team at SRMCEM is great. My interaction with students was fun, exciting & full of learning, had a meaningful deliberations in the PAC meeting as well. Lot of insights & discussions happened in meeting with the Director Dr. B.K. Chauhan as well.Wishing all the best.
98 03.04.2023 Er. Narendra Nath Scientist,Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) SRMCEM is well organized College in UP and I find it true. Faculty is very cordial and enthusiastic about the Space Technology & well participated during the lecture. Students were very attentive & eager to know & learn the rocket science. I feel overwhelmed to take lecture in this College. Best wishes to all !
99 18.04.2023 Mr. Puneet Awasthi Sr. Manager Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai Old memories and people are always gold. I met all faculty and staff of the college. Thank you so much for nice Hospitality and Gesture.
100 29.04.2023 Mr. Ashish Kumar Pandey Sr. Engineering Manager (Development) Informatica, Bangalore SRMCEM is truly best place to gain knowledge and study. It has transformed many students life and many such students are currently occupying Higher Corporate Positions. Wishing SRMCEM family and faculties a wonderful years to come Faculty has been the backbone of SRMCEM.
101 01.05.2023 Mr. Abu Obaid Sr. Area Manager SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Lucknow It was really a very useful and energetic session and I am glad to interact the future leaders of this College and liked the response It will be a memorable for me cherishable whole life. Thanks to the officials of College and higher dignitaries for giving me this opportunity. Thank you Director Sir and my beloved Prof. Salahuddin Sir for this opportunity.
102 03.05.2023 Mr. Nitin Singh Zonal Head-HR V-Mart (Retail), Lucknow Zone, U.P. Excellent quality of student. Highly disciplined, with lots of enthusiasm and energy to Excel in career chaser. Wishing them the Best in their future endeavors.