Lowe's Service India Pvt Ltd.(19 LPA)

SRMCEM holds a special place in my heart as a college that has truly shaped my future. The dedicated faculty members have been instrumental in imparting knowledge and instilling a passion for learning within me. The college's state-of-the-art facilities, industry exposure, and emphasis on practical skills have prepared me well for the challenges of the professional world. SRMCEM's supportive environment and vibrant campus life have made my college years memorable and enriching.

Ananaya Srivastava

Anamika Srivastave (CSE)
Gainsight(15 LPA)

I am thrilled to share my journey at SRMCEM, particularly highlighting the exceptional faculty and the dedicated placement cell. The professors at our college are truly outstanding, going above and beyond to ensure our academic success. The placement cell has been instrumental in shaping my career trajectory. Their tireless efforts in organizing mock interviews, and resume workshops have equipped me with the necessary skills to secure a rewarding job opportunity.


Aditi (CS)
Sopra Banking Software Solutions(8.5 LPA)

SRMCEM is the place where you can learn many new skills which are required for the industry and it is also the best engineering college in Lucknow. It helps students excel in academics as well as in various other co-curricular activities. The Placement Cell supported us in every step of the way in our placement journey and helped us in finding our dream job.

Ananaya Srivastava

Vaishnavi Pandey B.Tech(CS)
Celebal Technologies(6.5 LPA)

I am thrilled to share my testimonial about SRMCEM. The journey has been incredible, with ample opportunities for academic growth and personal development. The college's exceptional placement cell connected us with reputed companies, resulting in a promising job offer even before graduation. I am immensely grateful to SRMCEM for equipping me with the skills and resources to kickstart my professional journey on a positive note.

Abhishek Yadav

Abhishek Yadav (CSE)
Cognizant(7 LPA)

SRMCEM is a college that offers a great environment and attracts reputed companies for placements. It prioritizes growth over comfort, constantly motivating students to learn and excel. I am grateful for the knowledgeable and supportive faculty. The constant guidance from the placement department was invaluable in securing my placement in Cognizant. Overall, SRMCEM provides an inspiring hub for learning and sets the foundation for a bright future.


TRIPTI GUPTA (CS) 1901220100121

I am delighted to share my journey as a student of SRM Group of Professional Colleges (SRMCEM), where I had the privilege of studying and eventually securing a placement as a software developer at HSBC Bank. SRMCEM has played a pivotal role in shaping my academic and professional growth, and I am truly grateful for its exceptional curriculum, excellent teaching methodologies, and individualized attention from faculty, and remarkable placement support.


KIRTI RAI (HSBC) 1901220130050 (IT)

As a student of SRMCEM, I can confidently say that my experience at this institution was truly invaluable. The college not only provided me with a solid academic foundation but also nurtured my personal growth and development. The dedicated and experienced faculty members went above and beyond to create a conducive learning environment, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

Ananaya Srivastava

Ananaya Srivastava(IT) 1901220130022

I am great full to the faculty members and placement officers who provided me unwavering support & guidance throughout my academic journey. I have a deep sense of gratitude for being selected through the campus placement program. The concerted effort & support provided by Training & Placement Cell and all the staff members proved instrumental in securing my first job at HSBC , for which I’m immensely thankful.


SRISHTI TIWARI (IT 2023) 1901220130116

I am honored to share my experience as a student of SRMCEM, a renowned college that has truly left a memorable mark on my academic and professional journey. The college's outstanding placement cell facilitated valuable connections with prestigious companies, leading to promising employment opportunities. Their role in kick starting my career as a fresher is truly commendable. I am honored to have experienced such invaluable support at SRMCEM.

Asmit Srivastava

Asmit Srivastava(CSE 2023) 1901220100033 (BE19CS029)

I am immensely grateful to SRMCEM for the holistic education, unwavering support, and remarkable opportunities it provided. The professor's expertise, the efforts of the placement cell, and the overall maintenance and discipline of the college have played a crucial role in my success. They not only imparted theoretical knowledge but also encouraged practical learning through well-equipped labs and hands-on projects.

Aparna Singh

Aparna Singh (CSE 2023) 1901220100023

I am happy to share my experience at SRMCEM. The professors at our college are very dedicated and hardworking. They try their best so that the students achieve academic success. Also the placement cell at SRMCEM is exceptionally good. The staff of the placement cell tries their best to provide personalized guidance and support to all the students so that they are prepared well for securing a rewarding job and achieving success.

Rashi Gupta

Rashi Gupta(IT) 1901220130082

I am extremely grateful for my time at SRMCEM. Exceptional placement support and the presence of multiple renowned companies with attractive packages for hiring made my college journey genuinely remarkable. The college's dedicated placement cell worked tirelessly to provide us abundant opportunities and guidance, resulting in numerous job offers from top companies. I had the privilege of interacting with leading organizations and securing a position at HSBC Technology India.


KHUSHI AGARWAL(CS 2023) 1901220100050

My experience at SRMCEM has been magnificent, and it is entirely due to the outstanding faculty members who were constantly present to assist and inspire me to do my very best. I would like to express my profound gratitude to the placement cell of the college, which has played an integral role in determining my career path. Through the process of holding mock interviews and resume review sessions, they have helped to increase my confidence and build the skills necessary for the professional journey.


AMAN VERMA B.Tech (CS) 1901220100011

My time at SRMCEM has been truly remarkable. The professors are not just educators but mentors who invest in their students' success. The campus environment is vibrant, fostering a sense of community and I made lifelong friends through various clubs and organizations. The emphasis on real-world experience prepared me for my career, and the placement cell played a crucial role in helping me secure a job in my desired field. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a well-rounded college experience.

Mansi Gupta

Mansi Gupta B.Tech (CSE 2023) 1901220100059

I would like to express my sincere appreciation regarding the excellent academic and placement opportunities offered by SRMCEM. I must highlight the outstanding academic environment that prevailed at SRMCEM. The faculty members demonstrated immense expertise and their commitment to excellence, coupled with their approachable and supportive nature, made the learning experience truly enriching.


VIVEK MISHRA(IT) 1901220130129

When I first joined this esteemed institution, I was unsure of what to expect. However, from day one, the college's commitment to excellence and holistic development became evident. The faculty members at SRMCEM went above and beyond in imparting knowledge, nurturing our skills, and preparing us for real-world challenges. It is because of the excellent education and guidance I received at SRMCEM that I was able to secure a position in Sopra Banking Software System.

Shreyash Srivastav

Shreyash Srivastav B.Tech. (IT)Sopra Banking Software

I'm really delighted to share my journey with SRMCEM. The 4 years journey has incredibly been full of roller coaster rides and fun. The college has provided us with adequate opportunities for academics, professional and personal growth. Specifically mentioning, the faculty members were really supportive and have been a great guide throughout the journey. The placement cell has also been really dedicated and supportive throughout the placement activities.


NIRANJAN VERMA(ME) 2001220409006

SRMCEM is more than simply a college, it is the pinnacle of education, where students achieve their goals and conquer their flaws and phobias to become intelligent, self-assured professionals who can take on the world. It is a place to be groomed holistically rather than to obtain a degree. SRMCEM develops potential and it was always my second home when I was away from home. Being a member of such a prestigious family makes me proud. I’m grateful to T&P Cell, my teachers, my friends for making this journey so lovely.

Ashish kumar Singh

Ashish kumar Singh (EE)
Western shipping, PTC industries

SRMGPC is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning, fun, culture, lore, literature and many such life preaching activities. I am thankful to Placement cell, especially Manish Sharma sir (director of placement cell ) providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to get placement.

Divyank Mishra

Divyank Mishra (CE)

My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Training & Placement Department and all staff members of Shri Ramswaroop Group of Professional Colleges for their efforts in imparting quality education. I am very grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me to grab first ever opportunity that came into my life.

Bharat Kumar Shukla

Bharat Kumar Shukla (CS)

SRMCEM is one of the top colleges in AKTU both in academics and placement and this year's placement just proves that fact. The placement cell is really good as it makes sure that if a student puts in effort it does not go in vain. Exams like AMCAT and CoCubes are held in college to give students more placement opportunities. The pre-placement classes of aptitude and coding helped students like me crack the company's exam.

Kartik Patel

Kartik Patel (ME)

I am very grateful to SRMCEM, both the faculty and training and placement department for guiding and ensuring that each one of us gets the best practices and skills that were necessary for getting selected in the company. Our placement department guided and encouraged us at each step thereby helping me secure my placement at such a reputed company.

Shivam Gupta

Shivam Gupta (ME)

My journey at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Group of Professional Colleges has been full of excitement, challenges and learning. It was an environment of great fun, where every day offered a chance to learn something new. Events like HR conclave helped me a lot to understand the term "College to Corporate" better. I believe that the experience and learning that I received at the college will always guide me towards success in personal as well as professional spheres. Last but not least, our placement team was excellent and very cooperative. They helped me at every stage of my placement.


Srishti Srivastava (EC)

I am currently placed at COGNIZANT and CAPGEMINI. The college team gave us adequate training to develop our soft skills , communication skills and our holistic development at the academic front. Our department was always helpful in getting our concepts cleared and all our classes were taken promptly. I am really grateful to our PLACEMENT CELL for providing me my placement opportunities and supporting me during my placement interviews.