Student Driven Clubs

Student driven Clubs at SRMGPC play a distinctive role in the holistic growth of students. Every newcomer is encouraged to join these clubs. The dramatics club, Dracula has its own line of alumni chain and many feathers in its cap for nationwide performance. The Euphony club of SRMGPC is simply superb because of its exclusive band of musicians. Its Yuva Rock Band rocks every show. All still and video photography in the college is done by its photography club students which is very classy. Technical club students in collaboration with Grobot club meant for robotics, organize a very animated Techfest Gantavya which is a famed inter-collegiate fest of the town. Step is the club for those who love to dance. Step cell students are a new genre in themselves. Literati, the literary club is meant for those who can exercise their rhymes and be creative. The Compering Club of the college is the master of every ceremony. For those news and reporting is the passion, Media Club is the right destination. Fashion and glamour spills forth from the Fashion Show Club. Artsy Craftsy club students have penchant for decoration. Spiritual club students are a solemn assembly in pursuit for transcendental knowledge and experience.

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