The entrepreneurial vision, defined by discovery and risk-taking, is an indispensable part of a nation‟s capacity to succeed in an ever-changing and fiercely competitive global marketplace. An Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cell has been established at our institute to support this vital need of the present times.

The Cell aims to provide a platform for the convenient merger of innovative and entrepreneurial efforts. The idea is to foster and facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship among the faculty and students through mentoring, training and financing. The thrust is on innovation and incubation so as to transform a seemingly simple and novel idea into a marketable product, and thus help an innovator of today to become an entrepreneur of tomorrow.

The stakeholders include students and faculty members of SRMCEM, mentors from professional bodies, and entrepreneurs from the local community. The philosophy of the center is that every idea, howsoever insignificant it might appear, deserves to be considered and examined for the promise it holds.


  • To promote, spot and nurture entrepreneurial talents in the institute.
  • To provide requisite wherewithal to prospective entrepreneurs to take their idea/ innovation forward to a logical conclusion.

Composition of Team


  • (a) Wide publicity of the cell among all stake holders.
  • (b) Promote and reward spirit of innovation.
  • (c) Arrangement of expert talks and visits to start – ups for motivation and guidance.
  • (d) The idea/ innovation is submitted to department concerned for consideration at department level. If merit is seen in the proposal, it is referred to Entrepreneurship Cell.
  • (e) The cell takes it forward by providing all kinds of assistance like lab facilities, seed money and patent etc.

Innovations and Activities at The Center

The institute promotes the culture of entrepreneurship in the college students. In this regard it has close relationship with various agencies promoting the idea of becoming Job Provider in place of Job Seeker. Some of our activities in the recent past are outlined below –

  • Workshop – A workshop was conducted by one of our close associates – iBHubs (which provides end-toend assistance to startups) on the topic “Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technologies – IoT, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality,” on 13 October 2017. The workshop was a great inspiration to explore the possibilities in the emerging technologies through innovations.
  • The Startup India Yatra – a central government initiative to promote entrepreneurship among youth was organized all over Uttar Pradesh. Its Uttar Pradesh edition was carried out in 7 cities of the state with the objective of promoting Entrepreneurship and Startup culture in Tier 2 and 3 cities. A number of activities were conducted to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit in youth. The preliminary event at Lucknow was carried out at our institute, where more than 300 Startup enthusiasts gave an overwhelming response.

    (Mr. Abhinav Pandey, VP — Startup Strategy - UP, iBHubs, delivering a session on ‘Idea Generation and Validation’

    (Address by Mr. Atul Puri, Founder of EBN Learning Pvt. Ltd.)

    Many students of the college also participated in the Yatra, and were successful in some competitions in the finale, which was organized later at Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.

    (Winners and participants from SRMCEM of Startup India Yatra – UP Edition)
  • 'Kommunic8' – Mr. Dhananjai Bajpai, an Electronics & Communication Engineering alumnus of 2015 batch developed an electronics device named – ‘Kommunic8’ which is a boon for the speech and hearing impaired persons. This is a wireless wearable device that converts hand motions into speech. The device holds great promise of improving communication for over 19 lakh speech-disabled people in India alone who have accepted their disability as a curse of life and are suffering silently. The device has been patented, and the details are available at - The project, conceived as a student project in 2012, has secured three international publications and a provisional patent (No. 402/CHE/2015). For further details please visit:
  • Air Conditioned Biker Suit – This innovation was the work of two of our students -Mr.Kuldeep Verma and Mr. Kumar Samarth (B.Tech, ME). It has also been patented. The innovation aims at air conditioned comfort to a motorcyclist. The idea is to provide cool air in summer and hot one in winter to a biker‟s suit. As the suit, comprising of jacket, trousers, helmet and gloves is airtight; two hose pipes are inserted in the jacket for air circulation. The jacket has been designed specifically for the purpose. It is made of multilayered fabric. The outermost fabric is tough polyester for strength, and the next layer is of polypropylene for insulation. The next two layers, made of ABS plastic, are separated by about 15 mm. This space between the two layers acts as a jacket for air distribution and houses a network of pipes for distribution of air to all parts of the suit. The inner most layer has perforations to facilitate air/ heat transfer. For cool air, various components/ subsystems of a small car air conditioner (AC) of 0.1 tons capacity are used. In winters, instead of cool air from AC, the jacket hoses are connected to warm air which is produced using engine heat from the exhaust pipe. The air from the blower in this case is made to pass through a copper tube coiled around the heated muffler and acts as a heat exchanger.
  • Smart Sprinkler – A group of MCA students (Mr Yogendra Singh Sonvami, Ms Anshiki Saxena, and Mr Shubham Gupta) pitched their idea of ‘Smart Sprinkler’ at MPGI Kanpur in the Dr Kalam Start-up Yatra on September 26, 2018. The tag line of the product has been - aap chahe jaha jae…paudho ko pani apne aap mil jae, with the objective of providing water to plants automatically as and when required. They had displayed their prototype, which was highly appreciated by the jury. The presentation done by the students could be viewed on the link:
  • GO-KART – This product was developed by a team of B.Tech students - Mr. Vinamra Shivhare, Mr. Ajendra Gahlot, Mr. Anas Khan, Mr. Anirudh Khare, and Mr. Anshul Shrivastava. The special features of the kart are given below-.

    - It has advance security system - the vehicle can be triggered through registered thumb impression.
    - This system has GPS tracker which can locate the vehicle position.

    The project aimed to design and develop a low cost kart with high power to weight ratio and powered by a four stroke I.C. engine.

    Functional Model and The Project team

    GO-KART in action
  • The Last Word The path breaking journey of innovation continues. More and more students are coming forward to become masters of their own destiny. The cell is there to welcome and support their all endeavors and aspirations.