College Hostels

C.V RAMAN Boys Hostel

Saraswati Girls Hostel
Separate Hostels For Girls And Boys

1. Boys Hostel
(I) Dr. C.V. Raman Hostel
(II) Dr. Radha Krishnan Hostel
Chief Hostel Warden (Boys Hostel): Er. Braj Kishor Verma
Mobile No. : 9415914994
Hostel Warden (Boys Hostel): Mr. S. Muthu Kumar
Mobile No. : 7317002230

2. Girls Hostel
(I) Saraswati Girls Hostel
Chief Hostel Warden (Girls Hostel): Dr. Laju Chandiramani
Mobile No. : 9415115062
Hostel Warden (Girls Hostel): Mrs. Shikha Tiwari
Mobile No. : 9076900927

The hostel facility at SRMCEM makes its students experience home like living and learning even though they are away from their homes. Separate and well furnished hostels for boys and girls alike are independently equipped with all amenities such as water purifiers, water coolers, hot water supply etc. The college hostels have indoor game facilities to make its inmates physically fit. Facilities such as well equipped gymnasium, library, and Wi-Fi is available for the hostel inmates separately.