Students’ Academic Affairs Cell

Students’ Academic Affairs Cell and its Structure

Activities :

(A) Central Planning

  • Dividing students into different classes and groups
  • Creating batches of elective subjects and assigning faculties

(B) Management of PeopleSoft ERP of the College

  • Creating setup on PeopleSoft at the start of each semester which includes:

    • Subject delineation (with unique subject id)

    • Class creation (with unique class numbers for each subject as per study evaluation scheme)

    • Class block creation (Class block is the collection of all classes for a particular semester as per curriculum)

    • Student block creation (Group of students for each class)

    • Linking facultie members with thier respective classes

    • Merging class blocks with student blocks

  • Maintenance of Records on PeopleSoft
  • Data Analytics and Report Generation

(C) Management of AMS (Attendance Monitoring System) (ERP of AKTU)

Creating the complete setup on AMS alongwith the PeopleSoft for uploading attendance and sessional marks

Cell Strcuture


Dr. Ashish Awasthi

Associate Dean of Students’ Academic Affairs Cell

Dr. Ashish Awasthi is serving academic field for the last 19 years. Ph.D(CS) from Allahabad in the field of Image Coding and processing using fractals. He started his path of academics after completing Masters In Computer Science in the year 2002. In his Teaching-Learning journey, he also acquired, MCA, M.Phil(CS) and M. Tech(IT) Degrees. His research area includes Image Coding and Processing. He has published more than 10 research papers at International forums. His academic area includes Programming, Data Structures and algorithms, Computer Networks, Java, Computer Organization, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Real time systems, Data mining and warehousing, DBMS etc.

Office Staff

Ms. Nidhi Jain

  • New Subject Creation on PeopleSoft
  • Class Creation (Faculty-Subject Linking) on PeopleSoft and AMS (AKTU)
  • Class Block creation on PeopleSoft and AMS (AKTU)
  • Student Block Creation/Modification on PeopleSoft and AMS (AKTU)
  • Elective Choice and Demo Notices
  • Block Merging on PeopleSoft
  • Compilation of Course Coordinator List
  • Implementation of Students’ Group Allotment on PeopleSoft
  • Periodic defaulter report generation, compilation
  • Creating and Uploading IONs, Notices
  • Elective Choice Setup on PeopleSoft
  • Handling cases of today’s admission after block merging on PeopleSoft
  • Handling cases of admission cancelled on PeopleSoft
  • Handling student related issues of PeopleSoft
  • Handling issues (Faculty) of PeopleSoft thru ERP Maintenance form

Mr. Krishna Kumar Verma

  • Grade Book creation on PeopleSoft
  • Handling students’ password reset applications on PeopleSoft
  • Issues related to students
  • Progress report generation from PeopleSoft
  • Modification on ERP through faculty
  • Attendance Register Printing from PeopleSoft
  • Award Sheet for Internal Tests from PeopleSoft
  • Award Sheet for Final Sessional Marks (from the MIS given by Registrar Office)
  • Uploads Medical and Other Leaves on PeopleSoft
  • Maintains record of student leave applications and handing over to Registrar Office
  • Maintains office files