SRMCEM has achieved distinction for its value-based institutional culture. Focus on in-depth knowledge and employability enhancement goes hand in hand at SRMCEM. With various student development programmes, employability enhancement zones; training through LABVIEW from National Instruments, USA, and performance monitoring of students through Oracle's PeopleSoft modules makes SRMCEM stand apart in imparting professional education. SRMCEM is affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.

Placement Updates

- Recruitment by M/S Code Young 01.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Hike Education 04.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Planet Spark 08.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Anand Engineers 11.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S ACS Jewels & Stones 12.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Edugorilla Community Pvt Ltd 16.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S CEDCOSS 17.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Teachnook 19.08.2023

- Recruitment ny M/S Niftel Resources 21.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Emeis Technology 23.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Lenskart 28.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S MyGate 29.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Oracle 29.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Marriot CEC 04.09.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Unified Cloud 06.09.2023

- Recruitment by M/S EduKyu Pvt. Ltd. 09.09.2023

- Recruitment by M/S KP Reliable 13.08.2023

- Recruitment by M/S NimbleQ 14.09.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Rules IQ 18.09.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Techno Task Business Solution 20.09.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Tikona 20.09.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Allsoft Solution 26.09.2023

- Recruitment by M/S ARCAD Software 04.10.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Ample Leap 10.10.2023

- Recruitment by M/S Bajaj Capital 12.10.2023

- Recruitment by PNG Met Life Insurance 26-May-23

- Recruitment by APM Marbles & Granite 31-May-23

- Recruitment by CEDCOSS Technologies 05-Jun-23

- Recruitment by Bharti Airtel Limited 08-Jun-23

- Recruitment by GENPACT 09-Jun-23

- Recruitment by ADANI Airports 23-Jun-23

- Recruitment by AMAZON 21-Jun-23

- Recruitment by ICICI Secureties (I SEC) 28-Jun-23

- Recruitment by Learning Routes 11-Jul-23

- Recruitment by INTELLIPAT 11-Jul-23

- Recruitment by BIJU'S (Phase- II) 14-Jul-23

- Recruitment by Great Indian Job Festival By UNACADEMY 01-Jul-23

- Recruitment by Scholar @ SAP 13-Jul-23

- Recruitment by Scholar @ SAP 17-Jul-23

- Recruitment by Learningshala 15-Jul-23


Students of EC & EE of SRMCEM Won the First & Second Prize in Innovation Festival organized at Regional Science City Lucknow. This grant event was organized by the Government of India (MoC) in November 2023.

AKTU Zonal Sports Fest 3 & 4 November 2023

AKTU Zonal Sports Fest 3 & 4 November 2023

International Yoga Day June 21, 2023

International Yoga Day June 21, 2023

International Yoga Day June 21, 2023

International Yoga Day June 21, 2023

International Yoga Day June 21, 2023

International Yoga Day June 21, 2023

International Yoga Day June 21, 2023

International Yoga Day June 21, 2023

Team Robotics from SRMCEM secured 1st and 2nd position at Concetto - 2023 Robowar under 15 kg held at IIT Dhanbad. The Chief Guest of this mega event was Dr. M. Shrikant, who congratulated and encouraged the team on their success.

Student Innovations

Air Conditioning System for bikers

The Invention provides a modern, comfortable & all weather air conditioned atmosphere to the passenger on motorbikes. This project is developed by students of Mechanical Engineering.

Project Group Members:

  • Kuldeep Verma - B.Tech (ME)
  • Kumar Samarth - B.Tech (ME)

Go-Kart Using IC Engine

The project aimed to design and develop a low cost kart with high power to weight ratio and powered by a four stroke I.C Engine.

Project Group Members:

  • Vinamra Shivhare
  • Ajendra Gahlot
  • Anas Khan
  • Anirudh Khare
  • Anshul Shrivastava
Smokeless Stove

Pyrolytic gasification stoves are energy efficient units with low levels of emissions. In some cases, less than 50% fuel consumption and 90% emissions reductions have been reached, compared to existing practice.

Project Group Members:

  • Mr. Puru Vashisht B.Tech (ME)
  • Nishant Kr. Singh B.Tech (ME)
  • Pankaj Kumar B.Tech (ME)

Our Placement

Global Logic
Max Healthcare
Meta Cube
Nucleus Software
Prism Johnson Limited
PTC Industries
Ramky Group
Sigma Trade
SP Reliable